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$3 Prescriptions

We offer a wide assortment of
$3 prescriptions. Click here

We accept most major prescription plans. Ask a friendly pharmacy staff member for details.

Children's Multivitamins

Free 30-day supply of multivitamins for your children. Click here

Our $3 prescriptions and friendly service are only a couple of the reasons to visit your local Food Pyramid pharmacy. Take a look at some of the other reasons our customers call us their favorite neighborhood pharmacy.

Immunizations Available At Food Pyramid

Free Blood Pressure Check

Visit your local Food Pyramid pharmacy for a free blood pressure check. Easy-to-use automated systems give you quick and accurate results every time. For your convenience, the systems are located in each pharmacy.

Quick Service

Our friendly and efficient staff is always ready to assist you. They work hard to ensure that you do not have long waits. Don't hesitate to ask questions or ask for assistance.


Our locations ensure that there is always a Food Pyramid pharmacy near you.